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Approach to Admissions

Detailed Self-Assessment

Finding the best college fit is very dependent on knowing yourself – as a person, a student, and a consumer. I employ a combination of tools and interviews designed to provide these valuable insights.

  • Academic Record Review

  • Personality Survey

  • Learning Style Survey

  • Analysis of Extracurricular Engagement

  • Career Interest Inventory

  • Consideration of Unique Needs or Circumstances


Understanding the Environment

The next step is to become knowledgeable about the higher education environment. We’ll discuss the distinguishing characteristics of colleges, typical admission requirements, financial aid considerations, retention rates, and outcome metrics. Examples of topics that I cover during this phase: 

  • Standardized Tests

  • GPA

  • Rigor

  • Resume / Brag Sheet

  • Financial Aid

  • College Rankings

  • Percent Employed within 6 months after graduation

  • Demonstrated Interest

List Development and Visits
Now that we both know more about you, and now that you understand the environment, we can put it all together
to develop a list of colleges that match your criteria. This is the fun part of the process!


We’ll use a customized search engine to determine which colleges represent a potential fit for you. Many of those colleges will have videos or detailed descriptions online. Ultimately though, the best way to determine ‘fit’ is to visit
the campus.

We’ll discuss visitation timing and other strategies. Additionally, I’ll provide you with take-along tools to ensure that your time on campus is as productive and informative as possible.

Application Plan

The campus visits and in-depth research will result in a list of schools that are truly an acceptable ‘fit’ for you.
We’ll have in depth discussions, employing proven effective strategies, to narrow this list down to the final slate of colleges to which you will apply.

For each of the schools on this final slate, we’ll develop a project plan that will be tailored to each college, focusing on those elements of your profile that will make your application as attractive as possible to the admissions committees. These project plans will also include key milestones to ensure that your submissions are completed on time.

Throughout the process, you and I will both have access to the plans via an online portal. I will provide reminders as key dates approach, and I will serve as a resource as you complete each application, including the development of essays and preparation for interviews.


Making the Decision
This will often be a simple decision for you and your family. However, I am available during this phase to review your acceptances and financial aid offers with you. I’m happy to act as an objective third party in weighing the strengths of each offer as they pertain to your current situation and goals for the future.

Once the final decision has been made, I will ensure that you understand your obligations with regard to accepting the offer of admission. I’ll also ensure that you understand the typical next steps following acceptance: housing deposit, roommate search, summer orientation, course registration, etc.

And finally, we’ll celebrate your accomplishment as you prepare to take your next steps into your future!

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