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Grades 10, 11 and 12

Grades 10, 11, and 12 (starting with the spring semester of grade 9)

I offer several options for these students as outlined below. Prior to making a decision about which option may be

right for you, it’s recommended that you setup a free initial consultation so we can discuss your specific circumstances.


Comprehensive Offering

This offering includes all phases of the college application process: Detailed Self-Assessment (reevaluated each academic year), Understanding the Environment, List Development and Visits, Application Plan, and Making the Decision. With this engagement, each client is provided an online platform that stores the results of personal surveys, test results, college lists, and key deadlines. I utilize this platform to routinely check in with each client.


This is the best option for those who want to ensure they attend a college that is a good fit, have been delayed in starting
the process, or who may be unfamiliar with today’s college admissions environment.  For younger students, this offering
will assist them with building their profile, thereby expanding ‘good fit’ possibilities.

Also included in this offering are the following services:

  • High School Advising / Course Selection

  • Standardized Testing Considerations; tutoring recommendations if required

  • College Major and Career Exploration

  • Essay Assistance

  • Volunteer / Service Opportunities

  • Interview Preparation

  • Summer Enrichment Selection

  • Financial Aid Considerations / Affordability Match


List Development

This type of engagement is most appropriate for younger students (grades 10 and 11) who want assistance with starting their college search. It consists of a Self-Assessment and an introduction to Understanding the Environment. Based on these results, I will develop and provide a list of colleges that have the potential to be a fit. I will then provide guidance to the client with regard to their next steps. This engagement will typically require two to three sessions.


Application Management

This is offered on a space-available basis only, and is specifically designed for students in grade 12. I will assist the student with setting up an application project plan for up to six colleges of his choosing.  I will then routinely follow up with the student to ensure that he is aware of upcoming milestones and is making steady progress toward completion. There is one session in which the project plans are established, followed by weekly check-ins until applications have been submitted. There is an option to add up to two additional colleges to the application plan, and I can also be engaged to assist with Making the Decision.

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